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The Blueprint To CREATING The Success, Freedom & Life You Want WITHOUT wasting anymore time.
"How To Become The CEO Of Your Life"
Learn the proven system to making 3-5 years worth of growth in just 12 Months
If You Are A Man Who Wants To WIN & SUCCEED In Life and make 3-5 years progress in the next 12-18 months then this is the book for you.
๏ Mindset
๏ Money
๏ Physique
๏ Communication
๏ Success 
๏ Living a life of Freedom & Choice...

This Book Is For You If:
- Want more freedom & choice in your life

- Want to take your mindset, finances, physique and life to the next level 

- Want To compress time and achieve 3-5 years growth in the next 12 Months

- Want to live this ONE life with zero regrets to you can get to the end and say “I’m proud”, “I did it”, “I achieved what I wanted to achieve” and “I lived life my way”

This Book Isn't For You If:

- You’re not willing to do something different to get something different

Meet Tommy Bellman
The Vision of Mantastic is for you to live your ONE LIFE, YOUR WAY and get to the end with NO REGRETS.

And the Mission is to give you the support, tools & resources to execute on your vision.

How To become the CEO Of Your life will share with you our Mantastic blueprint to creating the life that you want....a life I like to call the Mantastic Life.

Enjoy - Tommy Bellman
  • CEO & Founder Mantastic
  • Mantastic Program Creator
  • ​Host: Mantastic Podcast
  • ​Author: How To Become The CEO Of Your Life
  • ​Key Note Speaker
  • ​Founder: TOMFIT GYM
  • Ex Competitive Marathon Runner & Athletic Bodybuilder
  • ​Bachelor Health Science (Bond University, Aus)
  • Personal life "MANTOR" who is dedicated to helping men create the success, freedom & life they want
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